The Appian illuminator is a high intensity LED light system that is synchronized to a trigger system or video signal. The Appian uses 60 Luxeon Rebel LEDs to produce over 20,000 lumens of light. It is available in various field of view configurations, and with IR LEDs which can generate 60 Watts of radiant power.

Using only 35 Watts of power, it can replace a 1000 Watt incandescent light source.


The Via illuminator is a smaller version of the Appian. The Via uses 36 LEDs (as opposed to the 60 in the Appian) and uses the same interface protocol as the Appian


The Odos is a drop-in light system for the Pelco 8100 series camera enclosure. It produces 3000 lumens of light coaxial with the camera for maximum on-retro reflectivity. The unit can be powered from 12-28 VDC or 11-24 VAC and synchronized directly to the camera or any other trigger pulse.

Linea - Line Scan Light

Our Linea line scan light produces over 45,000 lumens of light and provides peak illumination of 18,000 lux at 7 feet for line scan cameras operating up to 60 kHz. The beam is 12 feet high by 4 inches wide.

This can replace 8 PAR56 500 Watt lights for 85% or more power reduction and reduced maintenance costs with greater up-time.

The light is useful in large scale line scan imaging systems such as port management of ISO containers, tractor/trailer inspection at depots or train car asset tracking.

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The Damascus camera housing and LED illuminator is a ruggedized housing that contains 12 high intensity LEDs, control circuitry, and ample space to place most any camera and lens combination you would want. It is primarily intended to be used in vehicle enforcement systems of toll roads and is available exlusively through our partner organization. Contact us for more information.